Most of the rain has passed, but isolated flooding could occur. When will the rain finally end?

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BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV) - NOTE: The pictures in this article are NOT from this weekend. They are from the flooding experienced around Friday, February 16th. However, the video of Simpson Creek is from Sunday, February 25th.

The good news is that most of the rain has fallen and dry conditions expected by early Sunday afternoon. The Flood Watch now is only in effect for Pleasants and Tyler counties. Even there, the rain will end by 11:00am.

More good news is that flooding has not been widespread, but very limited. Since we had extensive flooding last week, this is definitely a welcome sign. However, flooding of some poor drainage areas, some low lying places, and locations adjacent to small creeks and streams could see some isolated flooding.

The forecast calls for dry weather starting early Sunday afternoon. Even better, this will last Monday, Tuesday, and into Wednesday. This will give us some time to get rid of all the excess water we've been seeing this month. Some places in NCWV recorded the 2nd wettest February on record! At the 5news studios, over 8" of rain fell.

There is more rain on tap for late Wednesday or Thursday. Flooding is not out of the question, but how much rain is returning is yet to clearly show itself in the computer models.