Randolph County Libraries ask Commission for more funding

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RANDOLPH COUNTY, Wv. Randolph County Commission met again today, and one thing on the agenda was funding for public libraries in the county.

The county commission decided to take the request into consideration, saying that they would look at it in the next upcoming budget meeting. That meeting is set for March. Library Directors in Randolph County say that they need this money to keep their doors open and to ensure that they're providing up-to-date technology to the community. The Library Director for Elkins told 5 News that 70% of their computers are used for job searches and without this money, the community could lose a free place to learn, research, and access the internet.

"That means that a lot of communities would actually lose access to technology, information, resources such as healthcare, things like that, that we can help provide for them" says Library Director for Valley Head Public Library Nicole Matthew.

The libraries feel that they need this money, but what about the community? Are they okay with their tax dollars being put back into public libraries in the county? Or would they rather see their money go somewhere else? Well 5 News asked this exact question to some people in Randolph County, and the answer was unanimous.

"I 100% agree that it's good coming to the library. I think this is really a place you need to focus on developing and improving. I mean, it couldn't come to a better place" says Randolph County resident Noah Jarboe.