Fake "Ransomeware" scams aimed to trick computer users

(CBS) -- The message froze Martha's computer. And when she called the number on the screen, she was warned not to shut her computer down.

"I thought maybe they had gotten into my computer... All my financial information."

She feared - like a "Ransomware" attack - she'd have to pay to regain access to her files.
And she's not alone.

While some think they've been infected by the headline grabbing "Wanna cry" or "Petya" ransomware, Nico Froehner of Best Buy's Geek Squad says most have been duped by
Malicious looking "Pop-ups" that are simply ransom-ware "look alikes..."

"Mostly what we see are just the pop ups that advantage of the notoriety of the big ones," Froehner said.

And he says it's relatively easy for a pop-up to temporarily lock your computer, in hopes of scaring you into paying up - or worse, handing over access to your machine.

"The easiest thing to do usually is just shut your computer down and restart it," said Froehner.

And if that doesn't work, try force quitting your open programs by hitting control - alt - delete.

Martha smelled a scam, so instead of paying the guy on the phone, she brought her computer to Best Buy -- where they fixed it minutes.