Recycling your Christmas tree

FARMINGTON, W.Va. (WDTV)-- The Marion County Solid Waste Authority is encouraging you to think green and recycle your Christmas tree.

"We have a lot of land out here. We will take all of the trees anyone wants to bring us and then we would process them before we would use them for disposal," said Tony Golden, Director.

With the holidays quickly coming to a close, your tree can still be put to good use.

"A lot of times we will try to work with the DEP or any environmental programs to use them for fishing and habitat assistance. They put them in bodies of water to help promote nesting. We don't want to have any tinsel or icicles left on the tree," said Golden.

Trees are not the only decorations that can be recycled. Many common holiday items can also be dropped off.

"We want cardboard all year round. A lot of people have young children with these elaborate, plastic play sets, which are specialty plastics. If they bring them out here to the recycling facility we will process those. You can't drop them off at the regular drop-off sites because they are too big to go in any of our beds," said Golden.

If you are wanting to warm up your home with your fireplace, be sure to not use your Christmas tree to do so.

"Pine can be extremely flammable and it will go up like a torch. The older the tree the more flammable it is so you really don't want to do that," said Golden.

If you opt for an artificial tree it can also be repurposed by donating it to a local church, school, or community center. If the tree is in bad shape the metal from it can be recycled.

You can drop off your holiday items at the Marion County Solid Waste Authority in Farmington or in a drop-off container outside Fairmont's Visitor Center or various locations around the county.