The red zone: preventing assaults on campus

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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WDTV)-- The Red Zone, it's a period of time between the beginning of the fall semester and Thanksgiving. It's called the Red Zone because there are more sexual assaults during this period than any other time during the school year.

Multiple studies have shown that female students are at a higher risk for sexual assault during the first few weeks of school.

Bari Tuch a junior at West Virginia University says, "It's a scary thought to think about, it does make sense though. We go from having supervision from our parents to having none at all."

Students are away from home, for many for the first time, there trying to make friends and fit in. Add parties and alcohol and it can be a dangerous mix. The combination of alcohol and students who are on their own for the first time that can make the first few weeks of school especially dangerous.

Sam Wuerfl says,"Well I've been here for three years now and I think it's really important that girls know no to walk home by themselves and always have a friend with them and we have a live safe app now so I think that, that provides a little more safety and security."

A top priority for universities is to make sure that your child is safe and has a home away from home. West Virginia University has launched the LiveSafe App, which helps provided students, faculty,and community members and visitors an on-the-go way to connect with authorities.

"It definitely, I think made me feel a lot safer especially girls because I know me personally I get really nervous walking home alone and I like to talk to my friends on the phone to make me feel safer.," says Bari.

West Virginia University is among many different colleges and university's that use this app such as Arizona State, Duke, USC, and Virginia Tech and was named one of the "top 10 apps every college student should have."