Research shows moving could reduce risk of losing brain function

(CNN) -- If you are afraid of losing brain function as you age, get your body moving and your heart pumping. That's what health experts are saying can shave years off your brain's functional age.

According to new research published in the journal Neurology, walking or cycling just three times a week can improve your brain function.

Adding a heart-healthy diet can help seriously improve executive thinking skills. Over six months, health officials studied different groups of adults around the age of 65. All ate different diets and worked out on different regimens. The results showed the people who exercised more and ate healthier reversed their brain's aging by nine years. Unfortunately, their memories didn't improve.

But health experts say when it comes down to it, just think of your future.

"If you want to be running around with your grandkids in 15 years, well then, you are going to need to be physically active and you are going to need to think of what long term is going to help you have a diet that supports that," said Elyse Sartor, a clinical outpatient dietitian.