Resident concerned about yellow potholes filling neglected road

Published: Jun. 11, 2019 at 5:25 PM EDT
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Brad Eddy has lived on Jakes Run Road for 39 years. He says he's never seen the road this bad.

"This is the worst I've seen it," said Eddy.

McCurdysville Pike is nearly 20 miles long that stretches from Marion County and into Jakes Run Road in Monongalia County. Eddy says a few weeks ago some ditching was done, but when he went to work Monday he was dodging not just any potholes but yellow ones.

"Painted right into the water. It gets all over somebody's car if they splash into it."

It's unclear who's responsibility it was to paint the lines and the DOH hasn't gotten back to us. However, Eddy says he's watching his taxpayer money being splashed all over the road.

"It's a waste of paint. The road needs fixed. It seems like this is what's going to get done and that's it."

Eddy drives 14 miles of the road every day and he says over the years it's been neglected. He says he's memorized where the potholes are and it's a danger to everyone.

"Somebody on a motorcycle. If they came down this road not knowing this road they could get killed."

We stuck a stick into the pothole measuring it at about 6 inches deep.

"I've recently had to put front-end alignment and tires on my truck. Then a month of driving this it's out of line again. It's terrible and there's no way to miss them."

5 News: "How slow do you drive when you drive through this spot?

"I creep, just creep."

The potholes aren't the only hindrance, however. Just a little way down the road it's caving away leaving only a few feet of derivable space.

What Eddy called the real 'gem' was an area where gravel was laid down and lines painted right through.

"West Virginia is supposed to be a tourist attraction. Wild and wonderful West Virginia but who wants to come here and deal with this?"

Jakes Run Road is listed on the Department of Transportation's secondary road maintenance list, but McCurdysville Pike is not.

We are still waiting for a response from the DOH to see who is responsible for painting the road.

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