Resident warns others about fake mortgage card scam

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HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - "I got this yellow post card in the mail and it's from WesBanco, allegedly, and it gives me a phone number to call regarding a mortgage I just closed on," said Harrison County resident Lynn.

Lynn, who decided not to use her last name, was right to be suspicious. That card was not from WesBanco at all. It's another scam aimed at residents in our area.

Instead of calling the number on the card, Lynn knew better than to trust the strange postcard.

"I know scams are out there. And I just didn't trust that WesBanco, a bank that big, would be sending out requests to contact them on little yellow post cards."

Clarksburg Police say they have seen quite a few scams coming through the mail, such as fake utility bills and now Lynn's mortgage card.

Lieutenant Jason Webber says scammers will change up their methods or wording to trick people. Residents should always call the business directly, not the number listed on the mail.

"Ask am I current on my bill? Why did I get something stating otherwise?," said Lt. Webber. "If it's the mortgage call your bank. They will tell you immediately whether there is an issue with your mortgage. But like I said they're going to twist these things around."

So calling WesBanco directly is exactly what Lynn did.

"I did not use this number. I used WesBanco's number I got from Google and they told me this is nothing they sent out," said Lynn.

Now, she is hoping her warning will resinate with others, and stop them from becoming a victim.

"This gripes me because I think a lot of people here deal with WesBanco and would pick up the phone and dial this number. So I had to do something about this one."

If residents receive anything suspicious through the mail or over the phone they're asked to report it to their local police department.