Residents are concerned over dilapidated building imposing a safety hazard

Published: Jun. 14, 2019 at 4:03 PM EDT
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"Each day goes by it gets worse and worse," said community member, Roxanne Smith.

Residents and local business owners in Osage are angry over a building that's been falling apart for months. What once was an area where kids walked through to go to school is now a safety hazard and an eyesore.

"One day I'm in the apartment and I hear what sounded like a truck went through or something. When I came out there was all of this," said neighbor, Al Anderson.

This building is crumbling bit by bit into the street and onto the sidewalk and it's the reason residents say it feels like their beloved town is being forgotten.

"Osage is always the last button on Gable's horn and that's just not fair," said Smith.

Dolly King lives across the street. She says she's been in touch with the owner and the county to get the disaster cleaned up.

"It's quite an emotional scene. I don't want them to finish out their lives staring at a mess that someone left who lives across town and doesn't have to drive by and see," said King's daughter, Terry Bearce.

Neighbors tell 5 News that the property owner ignores the situation. However, the county says it's in the complaint stage and will be presented to the commission next week.

"It has to be torn down. There's nothing left there," said Anderson.

Several kids and pets live by the building and the community says it smells and is rotting away. Even culverts are clogged with debris.

"Sometimes you see rats. The whole 9 yards coming out of it. It's just not good," said Smith.

Many, who live there, say it's where they grew up and it's a shame to see it the way it is. Anderson says it's an easy fix.

"All of this could be gone in a minute. They need to get their butts on the ball. Just get on the ball and get it done," said Anderson.

Tim Fitchett, a litter control officer for the county, says it's being treated through a process. A process that could take 6 months.

"It's totally unacceptable to me. We will be pursuing this until this goes away," said Bearce.

Fitchett says the building is currently in the complaint stage. If the owner does not comply in 60 days it will go to the fine stage which is another 90 days.

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