Residents concerned about series of break-ins in Center Point neighborhood

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DODDRIDGE COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - "When something gets stolen, it's everyone's responsibility,"

Larry Law, who lives in the town of Center Point, says he was robbed of several high-priced items from his building near the end of August.

"The most important thing is my boys collectible cars, and my motorcycle I bought for my brother in-law," Law said

After posting about the break in of Facebook, Law says he noticed he was part of a series of break-ins around the Center Point neighborhood.

"Every weekend, every Saturday or Sunday night, somebody in this area is getting robbed,"

A solution to these repeated crimes, Law believes, would be to increase police presence in the neighborhood.

"We might see maybe one a week go down through center point," Law said "We're asking to see one a day,"

Currently Law says the Doddridge County Sheriff's Office and the State Police are looking into the break-in.

But in the future he hopes to see a stronger police presence in the hopes of cutting down on crime.

"I'd like to see them make themselves known in Center Point,"

WDTV reached out to the Doddridge County Sheriff's Department and State Police to see if there is an ongoing investigation, but have not yet heard back.