Residents concerned over crack on a road in Marion County

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MARION COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - On East Grafton Road, two barrels and several signs alert drivers over part of the road caving in. Residents who live nearby say this well traveled road has become dangerous.

"We're just having a little trouble with the cave in," said Carissa Bunner Haymond. "I drive everyday and i can see across the yellow line and it's going to cave in because there's a waterline underneath there."

One resident who didn't want to go on camera, says this has been going on for about six months and believes it's a water problem. He did say that he saw crews working on the road about a month ago but as the road keeps cracking, his yard started to slip.

Also, he along with other neighbors say that driving around it has been difficult.

"There's just people that go right through it almost butt heads with each other," she said.

Those residents say that several people have reached out to get it fixed.

"I know they're trying to resolve it but they keep getting the run around but no answer," said Rebecca Bunner.

However, the resident who didn't want to go on camera says crews told him they might go back there when the temperatures go up.

Now they just hope this gets fixed soon.

"There are big trucks that come through and that's their livelihood and they can't stop using it because of the road slipping," she said.

5 News did try to reach to the DOH offices, but no one was available to comment at the moment. They do however, recommend to use their complaint form online.