Residents in Fairview upset about discolored water

FAIRVIEW, W.Va (WDTV) - Several of you in Fairview have reached out to 5 News over the last few days saying the water is discolored and dirty.

Some said it's pink, and others called it brown.

"I don't feel safe right now," said Rachel Toothman. "Not after what I saw on Friday night."

"It's not right because we pay for that water," said Rachael King. "We should be able to use that water without any kind of fear of being sick or ill, or it turning our clothes different colors."

These people tell us discolored water has been flowing into their homes.

"It's almost, at least on a monthly basis, where somebody is saying 'hey, I have brown water, does anybody else.'"

Kelley says two of her children came home from school on Friday and noticed the problems there, as well.

"None of my fellow students would drink it because it was a weird color," said Aubrey Hamilton.

"It looked disgusting," said Audrey Hamilton.

5 News reached out to the principal at Fairview Middle School, who told us it was discolored late in the day Friday, the system was flushed Monday morning, and all is back to normal.

Since late last week, Kelley says the water in her home has been somewhat back to normal. However, this is an ongoing problem.

"I have animals, and I don't want to have to go somewhere else to purchase water," Toothman said.

"It's either becoming more of an issue, or we're becoming more aware of it because of social media and people actually asking questions."

5 News also made calls to town water officials, but no calls were returned. We also stopped in the Town Hall, and we were told there wasn't anybody there who could speak to us.