Residents say cars at local park and ride are being broken into and vandalized

HARRISON COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - Park and rides are a convenient way to carpool with friends, family, or coworkers, but many people say the park and ride in Wilsonburg isn't safe anymore.

Police say they are aware of the reports of vandals and thefts and will be patrolling the area

There have been multiple reports of break-ins and vandalism at the park and ride across from the BFS near Wilsonburg Road.

Some of the things that have allegedly been stolen include money, car charges, tools, and one resident claims a hitch was stolen from their truck.

Many people say the parking lot is always filled with cars because it is a convenient location close to the interstate.

However, some locals say you should park there at all because the location isn’t safe.

"I wouldn't park my vehicles there, I wouldn't feel safe with them being unattended," said Harrison County resident Heather Hall.

One resident claimed that $800 had been stolen out of their vehicle.

In addition, there has been vandalism on some of the cars including profanity and destruction.

Another resident said that fuel lines from her vehicle had been cut.

The Harrison County Police say they are aware of the situation and are patrolling the area more often.