Response to alleged school threats spurs confusion

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MILL CREEK, W.Va. (WDTV)- Tension and confusion is still swirling in Mill Creek even after officials chalked up alleged threats at Tygarts Valley Middle and High School to rumors. About 75 percent of the students were absent Friday and parents tell 5 News they're still confused about what's going on.

"I felt it was mishandled," said Gale Scott, standing beside her grandson. "There wasn't enough information put out."

The post the principal says he was instructed to put on the school Facebook page in order to announce the school was handling a situation and they would still have school the next day ended up causing more confusion. It mentions a situation that concerns student safety and an investigation. Parents say it was too vague to not stir fear.

"I mean what are you supposed to do?" Scott said.

"They could've handled that better," adds Christine Chewning, another parent. "They could've called and let every parent know. They just put it on the internet but not everybody has internet."

But the principal says there's "no credible evidence" involving the alleged threats one student supposedly made against others on social media. He says there would have been calls home to parents otherwise.

"We were trying to let everybody know that the people that were involved were going to stay home," said Principal Steve Wamsley. "We try to make sure that everybody knows that everyone is safe, but at the same time we don't want to act like anyone's been incriminated or there's any wrongdoing as well."

Wamsley says parents were notified Friday absences that day wouldn't be counted against students. Parents say the community is still on edge after the stabbing death of a student in 2012.