Robots walking, talking and barking at CES

Published: Jan. 12, 2018 at 5:03 PM EST
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Robots are stepping, rolling and quacking their way into our lives and homes.

At CES in Las Vegas, companies showed off robots meant to mimic humans and animals, like Sophia, who can walk, talk and even dance. CNET reporter Lexy Savvides interviewed her after she became mobile.

"Tell me what it was like to take your first steps," Savvides asks.

"I'm really excited. A little disoriented, but really excited." Sophia says.

With artificial intelligence built in, Sophia is made for medical therapy, factory work and research.

"She can then move through a human-like environment, use human-like tools," says Hanson Robotics CEO David Hanson.

While you can never replace man's best friend, Sony updated its popular robotic pooch named Aibo. Its nose is a camera, eyes are OLED screens and it has artificial intelligence built in to recognize different family members.

The UBTECH robot walker was created to be the first walking robot for your home. It takes voice commands and can even kick a ball.

Expect to see robots helping out outside the house in places like airports and hotels. At the Renaissance in Las Vegas, relay robots can make deliveries and spot weak wifi.

"They're going to signal downstairs and tell our in-room dining staff that the tray has just been pushed out and we can go up and get it," says the hotel's General Manager Karl Kruger.

And there's even the intelligent vision system for companion robot that plays scrabble. Scrabble champion Will Anderson said playing the robot was surreal.

"The robot knows the whole dictionary really well. There are a few humans who know the dictionary that well," Anderson says.

It was a close game, but the human pulled out the win. But, who knows about next year.