UPDATE: Tasty Tuesday - 'Rock N Roll Rolled Ice Cream' hits Meadowbrook Mall

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A new addition to the Meadowbrook Mall's Food Court is putting a new twist on a traditional sweet.

Rock n' Roll Rolled Ice Cream is creating a sweet tooth's dream crafted with your favorite ingredients and rolled up into a refreshing dessert.

"It's not like the other regular ice creams where you have a certain flavor," manager Vedo Abd said. "We can mix it with anything you want."

Abd is originally from Egypt. He started working in New Jersey with his own T-Shirt business that he eventually moved to West Virginia.

"When we came here, we fell in love with the state," Abd said. "It's peaceful. People here are nice and they like sweets."

He and his partner got into the ice cream business after watching tutorials on YouTube. They learned how to roll up their sleeves and roll out some custom creations.

"I give you the opportunity to do whatever you want with ice cream," Abd said. "I'm not going to give you a certain flavor that you have to take."

The process is simple but somewhat secretive. It starts with your favorite ingredients and toppings chopped up and combined with a secret mixture that freezes on a chilly circular surface.

After the ice cream is smoothed out and flattened, it's rolled up piece by piece and assembled into a cup, capped off with carefully placed toppings, all ready to eat by yourself or shared with a friend.

"People fall in love with the ice cream," Abd said. "We didn't know people were going to like it that much."

The food court in the Meadowbrook Mall has a new addition for all of those who love ice cream.

According to Connect Bridgeport, shoppers can now stop and enjoy Rock N Roll Rolled Ice Cream and Fried Oreos.

The ice cream traces back to Thailand and it's often called Thais Rolled Ice Cream.

The ingredients are poured onto a cold surface that freezes it. It's then rolled right before your eyes.

You will have the opportunity to create your own roll or there are Rock N Roll Signatures. A variety of fried treats are also sold at the store.