Sabraton Station at mercy of city's decision regarding Bike Week plans

MORGANTOWN, W. Va. (WDTV)-- Loud music and a good time is what Sabraton Station is looking forward to for this year's Bike Week. However, after a concert in June shook the windows of nearby houses, it's been controversial topic.

"We just want to try to keep everyone happy from here on out, including our neighbors and including the city," said Craig Wolfe, Co-Owner of Sabraton Station.

With about a month left until the event, Sabraton Station found out that they may have to cut back how late their concerts can go to on Wednesday and Thursday.

This came after complaints from residents of Norwood and Jerome Park filtered into the City Council, something owners say could be bad for business.

"If we lose a Friday or Saturday to rain and then we are cut back on Wednesday and Thursday, it could be a killer for us," said Wolfe.

One woman who didn't want to go on camera said as part of a neighborhood association they're not willing to negotiate the hours music is played on weekdays.

She says, "late hours and loud music will place unnecessary stress on the residents."

Last week, the bar and city council met to discuss the issue and to find a resolution.

"If they can work within a reasonable means than hopefully we can come up with a solution," said Paul Brake, the City Manager of Morgantown.

One solution Brake has is if they can turn the music down on Wednesday and Thursday after 10 p.m. or bring the concerts inside.

"It's not on our big stage on Wednesday and Thursday it's going to be on our patio, so the volume is not what it's going to be on Friday and Saturday," said Wolfe.

Wolfe expects between 4,000-5,000 people throughout the week at the event and he's willing to do what it takes to keep the traditions alive.

"We would really like them to reconsider to let us go until midnight, but unfortunately we're in a situation where we have to take what we can get," said Wolfe.

Coming up with a compromise is what both Brake and Wolfe say is the only option.

"There will still be some people that will be upset about that, but the flip side of this is that they know this is coming as opposed to something random happening," said Brake.

The neighbor said,"we, the neighborhood, have never had an issue with noise from Sabraton Station before their June 8th event."

"We hear the complaints. We understand and we'll work toward a resolution, to make sure that doesn't happen again," said Wolfe.

Brake and Wolfe will be meeting Friday about this to come up with a resolution. Stick with 5 News for the update.