Sales tax could possibly increase in Shinnston

HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV)-- At a recent discussion session, council members discussed the possibility of an ordinance that will deal with increasing the city's sales tax.

City officials in Shinnston are looking to possibly increase the city sales tax.

"We took a plan from a city manager before me and drawn up a plan that was approved by the home rule board and modified it to fit with the numbers that are compatible with now," said Shinnston city manager Chad Edwards.

Edwards says if the ordinance passes, everything that is taxed by the state will increase by one percent.

"Everything that is taxed by the state will be taxed for an extra 1%," Edwards said. "Anything that is not taxed by the state is not going to be taxed by the city."

Edwards says there are some exemptions to the proposed tax increase.

"Food, prescriptions, gasoline are all exempt from state taxes so they will be exempt from city taxes as well," Edwards said.

Edwards says that the increase will not make a big impact on businesses and if the ordinance passes it will increase the city revenue.

The first reading for the ordinance will be voted on at the next city council meeting on October 15th.