Scam calls affect Preston County

Scam calls are affecting Preston County by appearing to be the Sheriff’s Office.

Officials report that victims receive calls that look like they are coming from the Preston County Sheriff’s office. When the call is answered, the scammer plays a recording saying the victim owes a bill and gives a number to call and pay it. The recording says that the bill must be paid or a warrant will be issued for the victim’s arrest.

One person reported calling the number and being told that they must pay or be arrested the next day. When the victim said they were going to call the Sheriff’s Office, the scammer said doing so would double the fine.

The Preston County Sheriff’s Office said you cannot be arrested for not paying a bill, and urges anyone who receives this call to contact the WV Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-800-368-8808.

The office says that due to the nature of the calls, they are unable to trace them.