School personnel calling day one of walk-out a success

TAYLOR COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - Day two of the statewide teacher walk-out kicked off with just as much steam as Thursday. Teachers and school personnel in Taylor County took to the streets Friday morning yet again, at their normal work time, but did not step foot in schools.

Many of those on the front lines say day one was a success. The much-appreciated outpour of refreshments and support continued to flow in from parents, students, and others. But though the community seems to be hearing teachers and service personnel are they being heard in Charleston? Even from afar, one local leader believes they are!

"I think they're starting to think of solutions. I don't know whether they're feasible or not, but I do believe that they're starting to act more," said Renee Mahon, President of the Taylor County Education Association.

Still, protestors say simply being heard is not enough to end the walkout. Educators say they're going to need to see more action from legislators before they head back to work.

"Legislators have to hear us and compromise with our union leaders so that we are better paid and fund our PEIA," said Amanda Stolzenfels, President of the AFT Taylor County.

"We want to make the teaching profession attractive enough for our best and brightest, for them to work right here in West Virginia," said Theodore Mahon, school counselor.

A decision as to whether or not teachers and school personnel will head back to work on Monday, has not been announced.