School undergoes deep clean after possible outbreak scare

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HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) -- Cause for concern is over at Mountaineer Middle School in Clarksburg
after the school's football team was threatened with a possible skin illness.

"It was after school hours that we discovered that," said the school's principal, John Rogers.

"There was a case where we had some students who had skin irritation." According to Rogers, the issue began when several students on the football team developed what appeared to be a rash.

As no nurse was around after school hours, Roger's immediately contacted the parents of those students, the Harrison County Health Department, as well as took extra safety measures.

"We took precautionary measures here at school as far as cleaning all the hard surfaces in every classroom." Rogers told us. He also added that, "For the football team, we cleaned the locker room, cleaned the floors, we cleaned the helmets, took all the practice gear and cleaned all that stuff. So everything you can imagine."

Roger's said what shocked people the most, was the cancellation of the football game scheduled for the following day.

Because the school decided to cancel the football game, it "made it a bigger deal for folks," Rogers stated and added that the cancellation was "a cautionary thing."

Rogers said things such as minor outbreaks happen more than people think in elementary schools.

Roger's said that when outbreaks happens in the winter time, it is typically because of the flu. He said they handle it by cleaning, "We need to clean, we do that behind the scenes all the time."

Roger's said the Health Department reported no case or dangerous threat of Ringworms, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (commonly referred to as MRSA), or any possible skin infection.

"There were no reported cases, thank goodness," said Rogers.

His final note was that all parents should rest easy.

"There shouldn't be any cause for worry. We were just being cautious and making sure that we were keeping kids safe, not only here but other schools in the county," said Rogers.