Second location of local restaurant closes its doors


A business not yet two years that offered multiple food options old has closed its doors. According to a sign on their door as well as a post on social media, Hermosilla’s Deli Market at White Oaks is no longer in operation.

The business, a long-time staple in Fairmont, will keep that location open. Although a sign on the door states it’s closed and to visit their Fairmont location, the official announcement was via Facebook.

A female official from the Marion County location of Hermosilla’s announced the closure and explained the rationale.

“We have found ourselves spread too thin in all aspects of running a family business,” the representative said.

Hermosilla’s Deli Market Opened in late October of 2017. The original store has roots dating back to 1910.

According to the Bridgeport Finance Department, the store's actual first day of operation was Oct. 26, 2017.

The store was located in White Oaks Retail Village Building One. All other businesses remain open in the plaza.