Secretary of Transportation discusses future of road repairs with Mon County Commission

MONONGALIA COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - The new secretary of transportation spoke with the Monongalia County Commission today about the future plans for road repair in the area.

"We want to work together, but we can't wait much longer"

Monongalia County commissioner Tom Bloom is fighting for the Department of Transportation to begin essential road repairs across the county.

Presented to the new secretary of transportation Byrd White was a series of maps made to illustrate the vast number of roads still in need of assistance.

Part of secretary White's state wide county tour has been focused on collecting this type of feedback, which he says the department hopes to release this information in the next couple of weeks.

"We hope in the next week or so to get these lists out and to say 'Ok, this is what we're doing in the different counties,' " White said

And while collecting this data is important, the current lack of manpower in the state is another obstacle to making these repair plans a reality.

"Currently, they don't have the staff, they don't have the equipment to take care of it," Bloom said

Also discussed was the need for a steady source of funding, something the department is still calculating.

"Somebody says 'we need this done,', but how much does it cost?" White said "It's taken a couple of weeks and we have some rough numbers now and some idea of priority,"

Overall, Secretary White says it was refreshing to have a conversation where ideas were exchanged instead of just complaints.

"Today what I heard was suggestions on how to improve," White said "And I'm going to mull on it, take it back to the governor and see what we can do to perhaps use some of these suggestions to improve things up here,"

Commissioner Bloom says they plan on keeping in touch to make sure progress continues.

"I think I opened his eyes," Bloom said "whether it does anything I will try to be hopeful, he has a map, he has a book, and I know he knows we will keep on him,"

Currently a team is working on repairs in Preston county but Secretary White says the crews will not be immediately coming into Mon County.