Sen. Manchin collaborating with United Way and others to encourage West Virginians to sew medical mask

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WASHINGTON (WDTV)-- U.S. Senator Manchin (D-W.Va.) is collaborating with United Way of West Virginia, West Virginia Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster, Philanthropy WV, Senior Corps, WVU Extension Service, the Robert C. Byrd Institute, the Council of Churches and many others to encourage West Virginians to help doctors, nurses, health care workers and first responders during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to a news release from Senator Manchin's office, the first collaboration would unite residents in sewing medical masks and gowns.

As the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis evolve, the collaboration will adapt to provide additional necessary volunteer services throughout the mountain state like hand sanitizer production and providing mental health resources, according to Manchin's office.

“American ingenuity, work ethic and our ability to overcome any challenge is what will defeat this pandemic. In our greatest times of need – World War II, September 11th – West Virginians came together," Manchin said. "Today, we find ourselves facing a new and unchartered challenge and need every West Virginian to step up to do their part to curb the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic. We have heard loud and clear from our medical professionals around the Mountain State that they do not have the masks, gowns and gloves they need to do their jobs safely. With that in mind, I am partnering with United Way of West Virginia and many others to spread the word about how West Virginians can safely construct masks at home and quickly get them in the hands of our medical professionals and first responders. I urge every West Virginian who is able to join this critically important effort.”

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