Senator Manchin answers questions during Facebook Live town hall meeting

BRIDGEPORT. W. Va. (WDTV) -- Senator Joe Manchin took to Facebook Live, Monday evening, to answer questions about issues in our state and the nation.

Courtesy: Senator Joe Manchin's Facebook Page

A wide variety of topics were addressed including road and infrastructure updates, miners' benefits and the economy and how to bring more jobs to the Mountain State.

Senator Manchin also addressed the growing tension between President Trump and North Korea, saying he was very concerned.

Perhaps one of the most popular topics, was healthcare. Many wanted to know what Senator Manchin thought of the Graham-Cassidy bill and medical marijuana. Senator Manchin made it clear on what he thought of the current bill up for debate.

"The Graham-Cassidy bill hurts every demographic of the state of West Virginia. I have not found one positive in the bill, that I can say, would help our state and it would really, truly curb the amount of assistance we give to those that are the most vulnerable," he said.

His response to the bill brought mixed reaction.

Joe Massi wrote, "Senator all these apposed [sp] to repealing the ACA are not insured by it. I had to loan my daughter 5000 to meet ACA deductible. Her premium is 900 a month. Members of ACA are not insured. They are self insured because of the high deductibles. Be an American and repel ACA now."

Jeff Walker agreed regarding the appeal, saying, "Repeal and do not replace. I will fight against socialism and those that support socialism."

Judy Elizabeth Hamilton wrote, "Thank you for committing to vote against the Graham-Cassidy bill."

Rondalyn Whitney said, "The Graham-Cassidy bill would be detrimental to the job outlook of OT in WV. Thank you for voting to protect jobs and health of West Virginians!"

A young man from Grafton asked Senator Manchin for his stance on kneeling for the National Anthem. Senator Manchin said he would always stand because it's what he believes in. Manchin said it is up to owners to deal with the issue.

Other things addressed included tax legislation, water quality control and Medicare for all.

You can watch a replay of the live town hall video on Senator Manchin's Facebook page.