Senator Manchin talks investment, safety with oil and gas workers

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WDTV) — Just one day after a major announcement regarding the oil and gas industry in our state, Senator Joe Manchin was in our area, to talk to workers about what's going on in the industry.

Senator Manchin said the $84 billion agreement is great news for the Mountain State. He said it puts our state on the map globally and will affect all different aspects of the workforce in our state.

"We welcome there investments and we look for tremendous opportunity to really grow even more jobs, manufacturing jobs. We have a lot we can gain from this, not just the drilling and the extraction, but the downstream jobs that come with it," said Senator Manchin.

That wasn't the only reason he was there. Energy Transportation asked the senator to stop by to talk to them about safety in the industry.

"He's seen what happened in the coal mining industry. That's my biggest fear. I do not want to get my employees in a way that they're hurt or they're in a position that they don't come home. Nor do I want them to hurt others," said David Alvarez, Energy Transportation.

Senator Manchin also took questions from the workers. Many wanted to know about healthcare. Senator Manchin said he's not surprised by that because its on many people's minds. He said they are working on it in Washington but it needs to be done in a bi-partisan manner.