With excessive heat advisories in the area, how local seniors are beating the heat

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CLARKSBURG, W.Va (WDTV) -- For most of you, heat safety may sound like a broken record, but as I found out, there is one group of seniors who, even thought they cannot beat the heat like they used to, they have found a unique way to try.

When it comes to excessive heat, the seniors are the most vulnerable.

While the same things that we do to avoid the heat may be the same thing the seniors do; there are some things to keep in mind.

As Colleen Linger, the Registered Nurse and In-Home Care Manager at the Harrison County Senior Center tells me, that safety in the heat begins with staying hydrated. "They [seniors] need to stay hydrated." She goes on to explain that "They kind of lose their sense of thirst - as we get older...They need to be aware of the signs of heat stroke or heat sensitivity: dizziness, headache, nausea..."

While staying indoors is recommended for everybody, there is one group of seniors in Clarksburg who share a unique bond while beating the heat.

Standing around the table, each member of the ceramics group (well, the ones who were not camera shy, at least) were more than excited to show me there work.

Full of laughter, Harley Jeffries held up his creation and joked "And we're already doing Christmas in July..."

Two to three times a week, this group meets to do ceramics at the Harrison County Senior Center.

Harley Jeffries' wife, Ruth Ann, told me that "We have our own little family in ceramics and it makes it so nice for everybody."

Each one enjoys summer, but as the members put it, they cannot enjoy it like they once could.

"Unfortunately," Mrs. Jeffries began, "I can't get out in the heat like I used to."

Sitting next to her was Billie Lewis, another member of the Harrison County Senior Center who added that for her "Whenever the heat hits me, I feel like I'm going to pass out. You know, but," she pointed to her mouth, "my mouth stays dry all the time."

The works of art they create are more than just pieces for their yard, they are ways to bond with their peers and they do it all while beating the heat.

But the center is more than just for safety, because here they can feel safe if they do fall to the heat.

"There are nurses here that they can come rush to aid." Billie Lewis told me, "I feel that - you know - it's a very good place to be."

If you would like more information on the Harrison County Senior Center, visit www.hcscwv.org or call (304) 623-6795. The Harrison County Senior Center offers plenty of opportunities to get out and socialize.

I am Meteorologist Timothy Albertson keeping you connect in the heat.