Setting a formal Thanksgiving table

Sometimes we use paper plates and eat in front of the TV. Other times, we sit down to a beautiful table for a fancy dinner.

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving or sitting down at someone else’s table, it’s nice to know about proper table settings. Lifestyle expert Andrew Skipper has some great ways to remember the correct placement for a formal dining arrangement. S

kipper recommends starting with a placemat or tablecloth to set the stage. Follow that up with a charger plate, which remains on the table the entire meal. Next comes your dinner plate, followed by a salad plate or soup bowl on top.

For utensils, place forks on the left of the plate and knife and spoon to the right. A trick to remember this is that fork has four letters just like left, while knife and spoon have five letters like right. With utensils, start from the outside and work your way in, so salad forks are on the far left and soup spoons on the far right. Traditionally the napkin is placed on the left under forks or next to them.

Ever wonder which glass is yours? Think of the acronym bmw: bread plate, meal plate, water glass, working left to right. On the top of the place setting you will find your dessert utensils.

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