Weeks to go until Third Street project is finished

MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) - Plenty of ongoing headaches in the University City over a road that students feel has taken way too long to finish.

They say Third Street just off Beechurst Avenue has been under construction since the beginning of the summer. Now they want to know when it'll be done, and why it has taken so long.

"They're always up here so early," said Jacob Gordon.

Gordon is one student who lives a couple of homes away from the construction. Residents nearby say it has been like this for several weeks.

"They had all summer to work on this," Gordon said. "They just need to get to it."

City officials tell us when it's done, the road will be in a much better condition. The sidewalks will be much improved, and the street will be better lit.

"They're waking me up in the morning with loud noises," said Devon Spencer. "I'm trying to sleep. I have classes all day. Tires are getting popped over there. They're not making any progress."

Morgantown's City Engineer Damien Davis understands, and wants to remind people that construction projects have a tendency to get delayed. With this one, it's been a case of plenty of utility work and unfortunately a case of some poor weather.

"We're redoing the sidewalk, new lighting, landscaping, and paving the road," said Davis. "Issues we've had is with utility work that had to be done. Bare with us and understand that construction takes time and when the project is done, it'll be a good project."