Shinnston city councilman promotes new monthly fee

HARRSION COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) -- If accepted, the fee will be a seven dollar monthly charge to the residents of the area.

The money will go toward the support of organizations that help make Shinnston beautiful and keep it safe, such as the police department and fire department.

The money will also go to projects set forth by those organizations to make improvements to the city.

Shinnston resident, Gayle Fratto, was in attendance and voiced his support for the fee before it was even brought up by council.

"Think its going to help a lot. Makes a lot of difference in the city for things that can be done for the services and things that are positive improvements to the community", Fratto said.

Fratto is originally from Shinnston, then moved to Atlanta about ten years ago.

He and his family are now back in Shinnston and are very happy with the development the city has already undergone.

"We were pleasantly surprised by the community and the improvements they've made in the past 10 years and just want to see that continue", Fratto said.

He knows there will be some who are skeptical about the possible new fee, but also thinks enough people will support it to get it approved.

"Think there's a lot out there that would gladly give up that 7 dollars a month to see those improvements", Fratto said.

To him, the fee is only a small payment to fund the bigger idea.

"This is a small price to pay to improve the city", Fratto said.

Monday night's council meeting was the first step in promoting interests for the new fee and the council will continue to deliberate.

No confirmations have been made about the fee.