Shoppers line up for Black Friday Deals

"HARRISON COUNTY", W.Va (WDTV) -- As the last bits of turkey and mashed potatoes were wiped off the plates, people hopped into their cars and began crowding the parking lot of the Meadowbrook Mall.

WDTV asked a few shoppers whether they thought Black Friday shopping was a thing of the past, as the majority of shopping is now online.

Some had mixed views.

One shopper said she prefers the original way, as like many, it's atradition

"I come out every year with my mom, shes in the car, cause it's just fun to come out. Even if you don't want to get anything its fun to see everyone go crazy for the deals," said shopper Micah Harris.

Speaking of going crazy for the deals, first time Black Friday shopper, Katherine Copen said her first experience definitely left a lasting impression.

"It's crazy, like I've never seen people bang on the windows at Target, that's what was happening, the lines were so long. Victoria Secret it like wrapped around the wall, it was insane," said Copen.

Although many said the night was crazy and cramped, everyone said that they will be out again next year.