Shoppers track down deals at Meadowbrook Mall

BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV) -- Hundreds lined up outside Meadowbrook Mall, Thursday evening, just to get the best deals.

Mikki Britton was first in line at Target. Her game plan was to get a TV at half price.

"The TV wasn't available online so we have to come and stand here for it," she told 5 News.

The mall opened at 6 o'clock on the dot, except for some stores like JcPenney. Some shoppers told 5 News they even had their Thanksgiving dinner with family days in advance so they can take advantage of all the sales.

"Actually we had Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday because we prepared for this day," said Traci McGill.

While some had a game plan, not everyone did.

"We've gotten an air fryer from JcPenney," said Skylar Simmons. "We went to Bath and Body Works and got a bunch of goodies for our family and we're heading to Victoria's Secret next."

"I got this scarf at JcPenney for like 2 bucks so that was a good deal," said Alexis Jenkins

"We mostly got shoes, socks, cardigans," said Brandi Herndon.

Others just made it a family affair.

"Just hang out with my family and see what prices there are for things," Cameron Belcher.

But at the end most shoppers left happy saving hundreds of dollars.

"'How much do you think you saved today?' roughly around 150 bucks," said Herndon.

"In JcPenney alone we saved around $150, in there I saved around $100 there so who knows, I'm over $200 already," said Skylar Simmons.