Should you try 'souping?'

(CNN) -- We all love a hot bowl of soup during the cold winter months either to just keep us warm or help fight off a nasty bug.

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"Soups, like we just mentioned, are a great option still when you are sick because it is giving you some options to stay hydrated. It's very easy to get dehydrated when you are actually getting sick," says Elyse Sartor, a clinical outpatient dietitian with Northside Hospital.

But aside from giving a healthy boost, 'souping' has become more popular with people trying to shed a few pounds; so much so that 'souping' ranked in Pinterest's top 10 food trends for 2018.

So what's the slimming secret of soup?

According to a professor of nutritional sciences at Penn State, binding water into food helps keep your stomach fuller for longer.

Unlike juicing, soup can help stabilize blood sugar for more sustained energy.

Plus, the water in soup adds weight and volume so that you can have a satisfying amount without all the unwanted calories!