Six healthcare protestors arrested at Senator Capito's office

Published: Jun. 26, 2017 at 5:43 PM EDT
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Six constituents have been arrested after an all-day sit-in at Senator Shelley Moore Capito’s Charleston office.

They held a banner reading “Senator Capito, whose side are you on? Vote No on AHCA, Yes to Healthcare for All.”

The constituents said they would not leave until they Senator Capito agreed to vote against the American Health Care Act or were forced out. The senator did not grant the constituents an audience.

Throughout the day, the six went to Facebook, sharing personal healthcare stories and reading those of others.

At approximately 5:15 this evening, police gave them a final chance to voluntarily leave. The constituents made final statements via Facebook before they were arrested on trespassing charges.

The names of those arrested are Bill Price, Joe Solomon, Terry Pickett, Paul Dalzell, Kayla Parker and Reverend Jim Lewis.

Senator Capito's vote had been deemed crucial for the AHCA.