"Sleep in Heavenly Peace" project continues to grow

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HARRISON COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - Dave Lang may be retired, but he's still spends his days hard at work.

About nine months ago ,Lang founded the West Virginia chapter for the national non-profit Sleep in Heavenly Peace.

The goal, is to provide kids in the area with their own bed.

While this may seem like something small- Lang says it means everything to the kids he works with.

"A 12 to 13 year old kid will run up to me and say, 'you mean I get to have a pillow'?"

According to the Sleep in Heavenly Peace Project, 2-3 percent of any population usually represents the number of children without a bed to sleep in. Lang says the demand he's seen lines up with those statistics.

"I've got 214 beds that we've delivered so far and I've got about 100 on the waiting list,"

And the beds mean more than just having a place to sleep, Lang says.

"When we put a child in a bed we're investing in their future," said Lang "Those children are performing better in school, their tardiness goes down and their attention level goes up,"

Thanks to the outpour of support from the community, Lang is continuing to build beds.

"It's everybody, it's not just me, it's the community," said Lang "Not just the investment in time, but the financial investment, that businesses have made and organizations, people bringing sheets,"

The project is now expanding beyond just Harrison County. The Doddridge County chapter starts up next month and a satellite location was just set up in Lewis County.

But Lang want's to take the project across the whole state.

"Hopefully, my goal, is to get it going throughout the state," Lang said "I'm talking to people in Charleston right now,"

And while Lang says he puts in about 40 hours of work a week for the project, he says the reaction from the kids makes it all worthwhile.

"I delivered beds to a little girl over in Northview a couple months ago and she was running up and down the block screaming 'I get a bed today, I get a bed today!'"