Snowy weather makes powder skiing conditions at Timberline Four Seasons Resort

TUCKER COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV)-- "Conditions at Timberline today are terrific, it's powder skiing" says the Director of the Ski School at Timberline Four Seasons Resort John Anderson.

"It's really fun out there, I'm certainly having a ball" says Tucker County resident Truman Guercio.

"Uhm, it's cold, really snowy, and I like that" says St. Petersburg, FL resident Cole Forbes.

By the looks of today's snow, you would have never thought last weekend was in the 50's, but skiers and snowboarders are liking the change.

"It's nice, it's just the weather we need. It's nice and fluffy and it's great snowboard weather" says Tucker County resident Kaleb Sinder.

"It's definitely good. Powder, packed powder is what most of the skiers love that, of course. And than machine groomed, we're able to groom it a lot better" says office manager at Timberline Four Seasons Resort Sherry Mauzy.

Although this natural snow is making conditions on the mountain great for skiing, machine snow is still a necessity.

"Well fake snow is probably 95% of actually what you ski on even in a snow storm like what we're having right now. But with the natural snow 90% of that or 95% of that is actually air so by the time you groom it down, it packs out to about 1/10 of the actual snow that you get" explains Vice President and Managing Partner of TImberline Four Seasons Resort Frederick Herz.

Regardless of the base, the natural feel is what boarders like best.

"Yeah, just because of the natural feel under the board and how nice it feels to carve" says Tucker County resident Kaleb Sinder.

Now if you're a beginner and having a hard time in these conditions, don't worry, that's normal.

"For beginners, it's actually a little bit more difficult because the control of your skis, the snow tends to be more sticky" says Herz.

Even if you are having a difficult time, the powder snow will make your falls a little less painful.

"If you're a beginner and you fall, you're not going to fall on a very hard surface so that's a good thing" says Herz.