Some cars vandalized in Grafton neighborhood

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GRAFTON, W. Va, (WDTV) - An act of vandalism leaving a Grafton resident furious.

"I can tell you right now, there's at least $4,000 worth of damages done to my car," said Danny Cline.

Cline has been living at his home on Gay Street for eleven years, and says this is the first time this has happened to him.

"People needs to know they can't go around and do this to other people," he said.

Cline says he needs his car as he and his wife can't physically walk far distances, and they need it to take care of their grandson.

"My grandson gets sick, I can't take him to the hospital or if something would happen at school, I wouldn't be able to go get him. This whole thing is not right," said Cline.

On Sunday, Cline found parts of his car wrecked. The fender was found scratched. The windshield was also smashed. Pieces of glass were spread throughout the seats.

He says this happened outside his home.

"Unfortunately they got me on the AM hours," he said.

However, Cline wasn't the only one. His neighbor was also hit.

This is not the first time an act of vandalism happened in the area. According to Cline, other neighbors were targeted before.

"There's been new cars targeted, tires cut," he said.

He just hopes whoever did it, pays for the crime.

"I want something done," he said.

5 News reached out to Grafton Police to get information on this incident. They say this is under investigation.