Some minor snow accumulations possible, mainly in the mountains. Why? How much?

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BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV) - There will not be a lot of moisture for this round of 'upslope snow' to work with. However, we should squeeze out some minor mountain accumulations. When air is forced to rise up and over a mountain range, we call that 'upsloping'.

Rising air is what causes precipitation. In this case it will be snow since it will be just cold enough. Rising air cools due to it expanding. It expands because it is a higher pressure interacting with lower pressure as it rises. The higher pressure air gives away energy to the slower moving air it encounters.

Temperature is the average speed of the air molecules. The slower moving molecules include water. These molecules have a positive and negative charge associated with them. When they move slower and interact, these positive and negative charges can stick together. That is how snow (and rain) form.