Spa becomes first in state for flotation therapy

The grand opening of Spa Oasis in Fairmont was held Friday morning, where customers can receive a variety of massage therapy related services.

Residents came out for a ribbon cutting ceremony which was held to signify the relaxation center's first day of business.

Spa Oasis is the very first of its kind in the state of West Virginia because it is the only business that offers flotation therapy.

Flotation therapy involves submersion in a pod which is filled with water and 900 pounds of Epsom salt. After several hours of mixing, the water becomes a solution that has an extremely high level of salinity. The high salt content allows customers to float atop the water.

Some health benefits of flotation therapy include reduced blood pressure, pain reduction and better sleep.

Owner Sheila Hartley decided to start the small business after she found success using flotation therapy to deal with health problems.

The spa also offers several other services, including full-body massages, reflexology and a number of facial cleanses.

Spa Oasis features two separate float pods and is located on Middletown Circle in Fairmont.