Spark! Imagination and Science Center teaches about healthy living

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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WDTV)-- "Spark! Imagination and Science Center is a children's science and art museum here in Morgantown. We try to inspire lifelong learning for kids and adults" says Education Coordinator at Spark! Imagination and Science Center Tiffany Martin.

"It's fun and they have different activities that you can do" says Monongalia County student Sadie Braun.

Spark! Imagination and Science Center had a free admission day today, and healthy living and eating were the lessons.

"They are making placemats where we'll talk about the different food groups and what's foods are part of a healthy diet. And than we'll have a floor game that's similar to Candy Land where they are interacting and having exercises as they work their way through the board" says Martin.

But that's not the only lesson kids could learn about.

"They have the VR headset where you can see what the Earth looks like from outer space" says Sadie Braun

"And see a space shuttle" adds her brother, Aaron Braun.

"My favorite would probably be the dinosaur bones because I like to dig for them" says Monongalia County student Aydan Grubb.

Education Coordinator Tiffany Martin says that it's never too early to get your kids excited about learning

"The sooner, the better. I mean, it's sort of if they get an interest, when they're younger, and it sort of creates a base of understanding that they can build upon later and explore that interest on their own and learning done best when it's something interesting" says Martin.

Parents seem to feel the same way, too.

"We just think it's amazing like how much they pick up, even from a young age. Just how much they're learning all the time. He says things all the time and I'm like, I didn't know that you knew that, so it's just awesome that we have a place that we can come to" says Monongalia County mom Elise Sullivan.