"Spread the Love" funds research on childhood cancer

MARION COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - Five year old Simon Rohaly was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a form of childhood cancer as an infant and his fight inspired the community to give back to him and his family

"Three years ago this same time of year our friends actually hosted the event as a fundraiser for our family, for medical bills and travel expenses," said Adam Rohaly, Simon's dad.

Today Simon is a healthy, happy five year old.

"Since then Simon's had no evidence of disease so we sort of picked up the cause," Rohaly said

That cause is the non-profit band of parents, which supports parents of children with Neuroblastoma and funds the research needed to help treat the disease.

"They needed to raise two million dollars in order to bring the antibody that Simon actually received into fruition," said Simon's mother Misty Rohaly

The band of parents met their goal and helped ensure Simon received that antibody.

"They raised the money knowing it might be too late for their child, but because they raised all that money Simon was able to receive that antibody that potentially could save his life," said Simon's mother

The Rohaly family has hosted the "Spread the Love" fundraiser for the past two years and say that as long as people are willing to give they will continue to hold the yearly fundraiser

"As long as we have the support and interest we will absolutely continue to raise money because nothing is more important to us."