St. Joseph's Hospital acquires "telemedicine"

Published: Dec. 10, 2019 at 6:26 PM EST
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Telemedicine is St. Joseph's Hospital's newest innovation.

Through the lens of an iPad, patients can contact doctors and specialists anywhere in the country.

The technology was made to accommodate rural parts of the United States where specialists are not as accessible.

According to Skip Gjolberg, president of St. Joseph's, the technology is used mostly for psychiatric care.

"Through the internet, they're right there," says Gjolberg.

"They can converse with the patient and look at the patient. The patient can look at them, and they can have a conversation. Then they can write a report to the ER doctor about this person's psychiatric condition."

Medical information can also be transported via the iPads as well.

Gjolberg says the hospital is working on incorporating more neurology, infectious disease treatment, and nursery into the system.

They recently provided treatment for a patient with a foot infection, telecommunicating with a doctor at UHC in Bridgeport.

"As we further expand broadband it will be even better," says Gjolberg.

That is another project the hospital is working on - installing more broadband towers so signals can be extended to more remote areas.

"That, in combination with the telemedicine, should bring more medical care to more rural areas of the state so people don't have to drive far to get the care they need," says Gjolberg.

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