Star City council votes to cut own pay in half

STAR CITY, W.Va. (WDTV)-- Star City is continuing to work toward enhancing the community. They came to a unanimous decision that affects their own pay.

"We did a roll call right down and it was yes, yes, yes, yes,yes unanimously all the way, there were no second thoughts about it," said councilmember, Cindy Ulrich.

Star City town council voted, in what was described as an easy agreement, to cut the pay of all the councilors and the city recorder in half. This only with the city's best interest in mind.

"We would like to see it go toward things that will help improve Star City. It's infrastructure an city roads," said Ulrich.

Councilmember, Emma Luzader, is who brought the idea to the table.

Her idea was to cut their pay of $80 per meeting in half and the city recorder's pay of $8,000 a year in half.

The council agreed that the pay isn't why they represent the community.

"Those of us who serve, serve because we love our city. It has nothing to do about the money. I'm not in it to make $80 a month. I wanted to run and be on council, so that I could help be a part of a team that works together to make our city better," said Ulrich.

Something, however, that they want to make sure of is that city workers wouldn't be affected by budget cuts in order for them to save funds.

"The one thing that I personally was concerned about was not having budget cuts that affect our city workers," said Ulrich.

One of the main reasons for this cut, was so they could address repairing roads that people use within their city limits.

"You travel through our city and there are potholes everywhere and it's dangerous. We just decided that one way to help is maybe take this money and start putting it in toward the roads. That's one of our biggest problems in Star City," said Ulrich.

Councilmembers say it might not seem like a large sum of money they're saving, but over time it will help them continue making improvements to the city.

The pay cuts will go into effect in July of 2019.