State Department of Education and Arts Cut

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CLARKSBURG, W.Va, (WDTV) -- House Bill 2524 would effectively eliminate the State's Department of Education and Arts. But does that mean it would eliminate your child's band and music classes too? The decision leaving many confused.

"I don't see why they would want to cut that, so what's the point in cutting it, I just don't understand that," says Greyson Lyons.

The department founded in 1989 was created originally to house the Department of Education pending a vote to move the department under the control of the governor. However; after the public voted no the Department of Education and Arts took on a new meaning.

"The amendment was defeated re-soundly the Department of Education and Arts never really stayed it grew into what we have right now," says Superintendent Mark Manchin.

Currently the department houses important bodies such as; the State Library, Office of Rehabilitation, the Division of Culture and History, and the Educational Broadcasting Department. All of which will be redistributed.

So how will this affect your student ? "It doesn't affect us in the day to day operations of our school system,"says Manchin.

Local principal Steve Gibson agreed, " We currently don't anticipate any immediate effects." "We are really fortunate because of our levy, board support, and county office support to have the funds and the ability to offer a wide range of the arts," says Gibson.

The passing of House Bill 2524 will effectively eliminate the secretary position as well as the professional development center.

So when asked how this will effect your child's art class, well it won't.