State Police: Gilmer County man shoots and kills two dogs

Ricky Frashure was arrested and charged with one count of maiming animals and one count of prohibited person in possession of firearm. (Source: Central Regional Jail)
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GILMER COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV)-- A Gilmer County man was arrested after troopers say he shot and killed two dogs in October.

According to the criminal complaint, troopers with the West Virginia State Police received information on Dec. 7 about two missing dogs. The dogs were reported missing since Oct. 4.

The information stated Ricky Frashure was last seen on Oct. 4 killing the dogs, troopers said. The dogs were loaded up and driven behind Frashure's house in what was believed to be an attempt to dispose the dogs' bodies.

Troopers, along with the owner of the dogs, went to Frashure's house to question him about the information. Frashure said he was aware of the missing dogs, but he claimed he had no knowledge of where they were or what happened.

Frashure claimed to troopers a small dog belonging to him was ran over a few months before Oct. 4 by his girlfriend. He said he buried the dog behind his house.

Troopers spoke with a witness, who said Frashure did intentionally kill the two missing dogs.

The witness told troopers Frashure was fighting with his spouse the day the dogs went missing and was drinking. The dogs were freely roaming within Frashure's yard.

Frashure knew the witness had a 12 gauge shotgun in his pickup truck, according to court documents. Frashure got the gun and walked up to the dogs, firing a total of four shots, killing the dogs.

Frashure and the witness loaded the dogs in an orange Kubota side by side and took the dogs to the top of the property and dumped them, according to troopers.

The witness said he went to Frashure's house a few days after the incident and asked Frashure if he was aware the dogs he killed were the dogs posted throughout Gilmer County on wanted/missing poster by the owner and his wife, according to the complaint. Frashure laughed and said, "Yeah, they put a flyer in my mailbox."

Troopers say Frashure's previous criminal history revealed he has previous felony charges on his record that prohibits him from possessing firearms.

The owner of the dogs said he saw Frashure washing the bed of the side by side on Dec. 8, according to troopers.

Troopers got a warrant for Frashure's arrest.

Frashure has been charged with one count of maiming animals and one count of prohibited person in possession of firearm. He is being held at Central Regional Jail.

His bail is set at $50,000.