State Superintendent says school days must be made up, gives suggestions how

Courtesy: WSAZ

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) -- West Virginia schools Superintendent Steve Paine says the nine days of instructional time lost during the recent teacher strike must be made up.

Paine said Thursday it's up to the 55 county public school systems to decide how to do that.

The superintendent says at least one county plans to cancel spring break but excuse families with vacation plans. He says that's something other counties should consider as well.

Paine says missed class time also can be made up by adding school days in June or using accrued instructional time from longer school days. According to state law, schools cannot be in session past June 30.

Gov. Jim Justice has asked county superintendents to be flexible to meet the required 180 instructional days. He's said students "have suffered enough."

Classes resumed Wednesday after the strike that began Feb. 22.

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