Stray cats: Are they an issue in Mon County?

MONONGALIA COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - If you've been walking around parts of Mon County, you've probably seen a stray cat here or there.

Turns out, canine control officials say this is an ongoing issue throughout the county. There are some mixed feelings on whether or not it's actually an issue.

"We have a serious feline overpopulation problem in Mon County," said Dana Johnson with the Mon County Canine Adoption Center.

"I don't necessarily feel that animals running around in the wild is a problem," said Laura Burrows from Monongalia County.

It's a wild and open world out there in the greater Morgantown area. So much to the point that there are many cats out there without homes.

"Last year from April to October we took in approximately 700 cats," Johnson said. "That's a six month period."

It's something that Johnson says can be fixed, but not right away.

"Microchip their cat because that's really the only true way a cat can find its way home," she said. "You can put a tag on a cat, but it can pull it off. As far as a solution, there is a solution, there's just going to be a lot to it."

We asked people throughout the day where they've seen some. One spot in Westover has feeders set up, and food left out. One woman from Monongalia County is a frequent visitor.

"I come out here during lunch because it's nice and peaceful and not many other people come here with their kids to go to the park," Burrows said.

She doesn't see cats roaming around as necessarily a problem.

"Almost every time I've come out here, there have been some cats," she said. "Some very pretty cats that haven't really bothered anything. They don't really cause any problems. They're not doing anything."