Strong winds causing problems at Winter Olympics

(CBS) -- Ferocious winds are causing problems for athletes during the first week of the Winter Games.

Gusts up to 40 miles per hour have disrupted or postponed numerous events…including the women's slalom…which has now been pushed back twice.

British snowboarder Aimee Fuller had a tough time during her runs this week.

"As I was in the air a gust of wind took me and swept me off my feet. I am just happy to be in one piece," she said.

Fuller says she feared for her safety and other athletes expressed the same concerns.

"No athlete is naturally forced to go down and compete, that's the first thing I want to make clear," says Jenny Wiedeke with the International Ski Federation.

Alpine skiing began Tuesday after two days of postponements. In the men's combined event, downhill skiers started lower down the course to avoid some of the fiercest winds.

Even with numerous postponements already, organizers see no reason to hold events when the weather is questionable.

"If the wind continues to blow for the next 15 days, then I guess it might be a problem, but at present, everything is okay," says International Olympic Committee Spokesman Mark Adams.

Forecasters are hoping for milder conditions this weekend, but caution the winds can whip-up at almost any time.