UPDATE: Students say Title IX complaint was filed by U92 students involving general manager

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports that the general manager of the station Matthew Fouty admits of Title IX complaints against him. However, he disputed the complaints.

5 News has reached out to Fouty, but has not heard back at this time.

In a statement Thursday, WVU stated that they could not comment on whether a Title IX complaint has been filed, a statement Dean of Students Corey Farris echoed to 5 News on Friday.

Students say that a staffing decision prompted the strike. Farris said officials talking to students and eliminated the decision before the strike occurred.

5 News will be speaking to student employees at the station Friday.

You can read the university's full statement on the strike at the Related Link.

5 News' Mike Valente will have more on this story Friday evening.

UPDATE 12/8/17
According to a student director at U92, a Title IX complaint was filed in June from situations stemming from the station's general manager.

5 News is reaching out to the station's student employees as well as the general manager.

Stay with 5 News for updates on this developing story.

Original Story
Students involved with U92 radio at West Virginia University have come out on social media regarding uncomfortable work environments within the station on campus.

Through our research, we have found that the station's news director has said in a tweet that the workplace has become an uncomfortable environment. Another person claiming to work at the station tweeted accusations that the station's general manager has caused the station to become an unsafe environment.

The Daily Athenaeum at WVU reports that U92 will go on strike.

5 News reached out to student leadership at the station, who said more information will be released Monday.

5 News has reached out to West Virginia University for comment. As soon as we hear anything, we'll pass that along to you.