Students and professors welcome new tuition bill introduced to Senate

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Community colleges in the Mountain State are buzzing after a bill that would help students pay off tuition was introduced to the Senate Monday.

The bill, proposed by Senate President Mitch Carmichael, would create the West Virginia Invests Grant Program. This would provide funding to help pay a student’s remaining tuition balance after financial aid is applied.

Local professors and advisers are appreciative of any financial assistance their students can get from the state. One local junior college president says this bill could be the push the state needs to get serious about creating more opportunities for residents and students.

"The students who choose these local junior colleges want to live and work in their community," West Virginia Junior College President Jenica Frye said. "They want to stay in West Virginia and give back."

The news was also welcomed by students, who say they are excited by the idea of lessening their debt.

One student is currently dealing with student loans and says she does not know a single person who would turn down the idea of more financial assistance.

"Obviously that is a big financial burden," Brett Lambert says. She says working through the finances is a big hassle for her and some of her peers at WVJC in Bridgeport.

Carmichael says this will benefit everyone who wants to further their education at community and technical colleges or to gain a skill set. He says this would allow them to take that trade and education to the workforce to better themselves.